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Microsoft Power Apps is a Platform solution which means it’s a future proof solution. It's future proofed because Microsoft release updates in waves, twice a year, directly to the Platform so it is constantly evolving and improving.

Most platform solutions cannot be customised to a great extent; this is not the case with Microsoft Power Apps. Power Apps is a highly configurable and is updated automatically twice a year. This gives you the best of both worlds, configurable AND future proofed. This is why we use Microsoft Power Apps and Dynamics 365 for all our CRM projects.

workflow screenshot
workflow screenshot

Process Automation

Microsoft Power Apps includes many tools to automate CRM processes, including Workflows, Actions, Calculated fields and Business Rules. These are built-in to Power Apps and are implemented as no-code activities. In addition, the relatively new Power Automate functionality which can be used throughout Office 365 can be extensively used in Power Apps and Dynamics 365 CRM.

More sophisticated process automation can be carried out using fully coded plug-in solutions. Using the combination of these tools means that we can build almost any CRM automation.

Integration with 3rd Party Applications

Microsoft Power Apps and Dynamics 365 are one of the most widely supported CRM systems in the world. A plethora of 3rd party systems exist which integrate directly using a standard Connector. For example, the most important one that we use here at Arkom is the integration of Dynamic Marketing lists with Mailchimp, SurveyMonkey and DotDigital.

Microsoft Power Apps sits on top of the Microsoft Azure 'Dataverse'. This database has an open implementation which means we can use standard protocols to integrate with systems that do not have a standard connector. This means we have an almost limitless ability to integrate the Power Platform with other systems, allowing us to create a Digital Thread through all of your systems.


Built-in Reporting Tools

Power Apps contains comprehensive tools for CRM Users to create their own reports. User defined Datasets can be created using the built-in query builder. Users can create their own graphs, charts and dashboards. Your team here at Arkom will provide full training and empower your staff to build these in-house to fully release the power of your data.

User defined reports can be shared with other users, modified and saved as new reports. This empowers CRM users and encourages Staff engagement with the CRM and enables users to gain better, user-driven insights into your data.

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