However you interact with your customers & staff, our expertise will help the world connect with your business.

Whether you want better sales and marketing systems, an online shop or a website that can grow with your business,
we have the knowledge, experience and technology.

Complex corporate organisations, innovative national
charities, regional exporters, expanding online businesses
and well-established local organisations benefit from
our expertise.


We’ve developed a number of products so that whatever size or type of business they are, our customers can benefit from market-leading Microsoft Technology.

Our products are tried and tested to deliver outstanding results and we can prove it. They have transformed ways of working for regional and national businesses who need simpler,
faster and smarter ways of working.

We’ve created an online shop to cope with the expansion of the UK’s biggest online seller of guitars; a CRM system to coordinate contacts and donations for an award-winning charity;
and we’ve simplified the membership system for a large national membership organisation.

Find out more about our products below:


Our services mean our clients have technical expertise and support at every stage of the development process.

From consultancy and initial strategy to information architecture, web design and testing, through to secure
and reliable hosting.

What’s more we build long-term relationships to ensure your longer-lasting business success. Our training means staff have the knowledge to make the most of your systems.
Our approach to customer care enables your systems
to grow with your business.

About Us

Arkom use Internet Technology to help build your business. We develop sales & marketing systems that work together; make your processes fast & efficient & enable your team to give great service.

Our expertise helps medium-weight companies who want to expand, by building systems and websites that will grow with your business. What’s more, we’re professional, friendly and down-to-earth, so we won’t baffle you with science or technical speak.