NOCN Group is an educational charity whose core aims are to help learners reach their potential and organisations thrive. The group includes business units specialising in regulated UK and international qualifications, End Point Assessment, assured short courses, SMART job cards, assessment services, consultancy, and research. 

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“The solution Arkom came up with is both flexible and powerful... Google recently commended us on the usability and responsiveness of the new website, which is all down to Arkom. We are very pleased with Arkom, their service is excellent, its staff are friendly and helpful and we plan to use them now to develop more essential integrated business systems.”
NOCN Marketing Manager

“Not all heroes wear capes.”
Laura Davison, Group Head of Programme Delivery

NOCN office
NOCN office

Outdated website and data in different places

We were approached by a large Awarding Organisation, NOCN, to completely re-develop their main website. The website was to become a digital hub for their growing qualification and apprenticeship offering while a separate solution was needed to improve customer service delivery. NOCN had several isolated systems that needed to be integrated into their existing qualification system, to ensure up-to-date information was made available on the public-facing website, while reducing the admin headache of rekeying data. 

They had recently gone through a re-brand which saw an updated look and feel that was more in-line with their future vision. This needed to be brought to life online via the website in a user-friendly way which provided their customers with more value and helped potential customers understand how they could help them. 

Their existing CRM wasn't integrated across the business, with different departments using their own systems. Information sat in silos, with no single contact list, no tracking of activity across the business and they were using excel spreadsheets to create reports. All of which was laborious and an inefficient use of time.  

NOCN website screenshot
NOCN website screenshot

Discovery workshops and consultation on how best to approach the project

The first phase included re-development and launch of the new website. We integrated the website to their main qualifications database, allowing any changes to product offerings to pull through to the website automatically. This allowed us to surface only the necessary qualification information in a user-friendly, straightforward way for customers. 

We provided a simple CMS for content editors with minimal technical knowledge to use, which gave them enough flexibility to create landing pages and engaging content quickly and easily.

We worked closely to their brand guidelines to ensure the website was in keeping with the rest of their marketing material which meant all of the styling was done for them. Clear pathways to information from the Homepage and a completely re-envisioned navigation structure meant that it was much easier for people to find what they were looking for. 

We held in-depth discovery sessions with key stakeholders of the organisation to map out and design how the CRM needed to function. Working with the team, we identified multiple areas of improvement that would have great benefit across all internal processes. 

We advised on both data migration and rollout plans so that organisational adoption of the new CRM system went smoothly. It was important that teams felt comfortable with the new processes so video recorded training and written documentation were key to enabling a smooth transition.

NOCN website screenshot
NOCN website screenshot

Reduced admin time, happy staff and user-friendly website

Reduced admin and marketing automation 
Website information is added to the most appropriate system and automatically surfaced where necessary. All the data gets pulled into a centralised location, which is the only place data is updated; meaning the other systems which use the data can be sure to have the best possible information that is up-to-date. 

Easier to find information 
The revived user journey and comprehensive suggestive search functionality means that finding information is easier than ever. The search centre is split up into Qualifications/ Units/ EPA/ Apprenticeships and general site content, allowing visitors to focus on the type of content they are looking for. 

Powerful reporting to empower results-driven change
The Power BI tools available on their new Power Apps CRM has meant the team can now access realtime reports of data in the system. This allows quick, informed decisions to be made and teams to be more responsive to changes. 

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