We were apporached by NOCN, a leading registered apprenticeship end-point assessment (EPA) organisation, to help them improve the systems they were using to manage end-point assessments.

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"The fact that nothing is ever impossible for the team at Arkom, they are willing to push the possibilities. They have brilliant minds to think up solutions to the most complex of problems. They are willing to work to ensure that a companies vision and needs are delivered to the highest standards. A great partnership which has evolved in the last two years delivering on our needs."
Tom Burton, NOCN

nocn office
nocn office

Increasing work load and impractical processes

The most pressing issue was was an increasing work load which was overwhelming their team. Each team member had their own set of spreadsheets which resulted in duplicated data and difficulty sharing information.

As the number of assessors increased, it was increasingly difficult to manage assessor capabilities and to match assessors to EPAs. Information quickly got out of date and the number of spreadsheets kept increasing.

Information provided by training centres was sent over in many different formats and there was a lot of back and forth communication required to collect all the basic information required to book an EPA.

rubric screenshot
rubric screenshot

Training provider self-serve Portal

Training Providers are now able to request EPAs as they are needed via a self-serve Portal. Training providers can upload Gateway documentation and Apprentice details into the portal which validates the data, which helps to reduce errors. When complete, the system collects a declaration from the Training Provider Contact.

EPA Administration CRM

The EPA Admin team now have a comprehensive Administration CRM system to manage the full end-point assessment process. When Training Providers has entered data for a new apprentice, the team check the Gateway information is correct so they can make the EPA available. This then automatically pushes through to the the Assessor self-serve Portal.

Assessor self-serve Portal

When an EPA becomes available for Assessors, the self-serve Portal emails all Assessors who are able to Assess that particular Standard. Assessors can log into their Portal and select EPAs they wish to assess. They can upload evidence and provide grades, all of which is pulled through to the CRM for the Admin team to view.

A comprehensive CRM and Portal solution which brings all the data required by the admin team into one central location

  • Eliminated the use of individual spreadsheets and data duplication
  • Much easier for people to share data and keep it updated 
  • Simplified the processes and automated other process which vastly reduced admin time
  • Allowed the admin team to manage a much greater workload without increasing staffing levels
  • User-friendly experience for Training Providers and Assessors to access important information and carry out tasks as and when they want to
  • Improved service delivery while greatly reducing the amount of communication needed
  • Additional tools for reminders and activity management and the ability to create Reports, Views, Graphs and Dashboards in-house

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