ARCA are the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association who promote safety and professionalism throughout the licensed asbestos removal industry. They spoke with over 100 of their members and a clear message was received – the standard of asbestos removal operatives supplied to contractors by agency members was not always acceptable. 

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The working standards of asbestos removal operatives was not always acceptable

ARCA’s Board decided they needed to monitor the quality of asbestos removal work and give companies looking to hire operatives an insight into how good, or bad, an operative has performed on past jobs. 

A ‘TripAdvisor’ style rating app for operatives was thought to be the way forward and would encourage good working practices and help identify any training needs.  

ARCA needed a custom system which would provide various levels of login and permission for people accessing the rating app. Our team worked closely with both ARCA and their members to determine the exact requirements for the Asbestos Labour Feedback App (ALFA). 

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alfa image

No standard off-the-shelf solution was available

Discovery sessions determined not only the ten criteria the contractor would rate the operatives on, but also the look and feel of the app to ensure maximum ease of usability. 

Recruitment agencies needed a comprehensive search facility to search for operatives that met the strongest criteria, training, and availability close to a job's location.  

Companies looking to hire an operative could then be sent suitable operatives and select the best one they deemed fit for the job based on the quality and quantity of ratings.  

Each operative can now be rated on ten criteria and their professional certificates and qualifications are also recorded. This meant that their ratings would build up over time and would show an accurate picture of how they are performing.  

alfa image
alfa image

One central, transparent, and fully automated app

Feedback from ARCA and all levels of their membership has been “incredibly positive”. All parties have one central, transparent, and fully automated app to use for everything they need. Contractors can be assured of the standard of operative they are being sent and agencies can use the app to ensure that the operative’s qualifications are completely up to date. 

Using ALFA, ARCA members can rate the performance of operatives to support future selection and identify any training needs. 

And for ARCA, well no more complaints will be heading their way! Their “members have a free app, using ground-breaking technology” to solve a long-standing problem.  

Quotes from Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of ARCA

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