Most people don't know it's illegal to buy number plates online. Number plate suppliers should see proof of identification and proof of entitlement before handing over a plate. This ensures you’re allowed to use the registration number and that the plates aren’t going to be used illegally.

Replacemyplates on ipad screen
Replacemyplates on ipad screen

A solution was needed to order legal number plates online

Jepson & Co Ltd came to us to provide a solution for being able to order legal number plates online; an online click and collect service that allows you to locate your nearest number plate collection point and pay for your registration plate online. You then go to the collection point with your identification and entitlement documents so your number plates can be made and fitted.

This called for a very custom integrated system to be created which gave customers a user-friendly website, a flexible back end system for collection points to manage which number plates they provide and integration into Microsoft NAV system to manage stock control, finance and reporting.

Replacemyplates builder
Replacemyplates builder

Branding Workshop and mapping how the builder needed to function

A Brand Workshop was the first step in the journey before it even had a name. It enabled us to understand the inner workings of the product offering to identify the customer base more clearly so that a distinct brand voice could be created. We created user personas to help envisage who the target market would be and what the key USPs were for them.

A friendly, approachable brand needed to connect with less car-savvy customers and we needed to highlight the ‘supporting local business’ aspect of the offering.

This served as the foundation to determine the customer journey with emphasis on the custom built number plate builder and previewer. We did a lot of work around how to make the system as easy to use as possible, to make it as simple as possible from both a general public and trade customer point of view.

The system was rolled out to a few key accounts for user testing and feedback to make any final revisions and tweaks before it went live.

Replacemyplates builder
Replacemyplates builder

Over 200 click-and-collect locations added within the first few weeks of going live

The impact of has been huge; Jepson & Co Ltd have been able to offer significantly more customer value to both new and current trade customers. With over 200 click-and-collect locations added within the first few weeks of going live, the promise of growth is clear.

They have also increased the transparency of the number plate industry by clarifying the line between legal and illegal plates to the general public, which will hopefully have long term impacts on combatting motor crime. Potential customers now have an intuitive platform to build and preview number plates online, which is all managed via a custom CMS and integrates fully with the back-end stock control and finance system.

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