SoloProtect provide lone worker safety devices for a variety of industries spanning B2C and B2B. This provided a unique set of problems for the company in how best to display their solutions in a simple way to their different audiences. 

soloprotect images
soloprotect images

Multilingual websites managed by different teams

To develop a suite of websites to operate across multiple countries and languages. Each site needed to be controlled by different content editors across the world whilst refreshing the website look and feel.

Integrations to Salesforce and Act-On were necessary for sales and marketing activities so necessary data needed collecting and pushing into these platforms. Another integration into their custom built solution platform, SoloProtect Insights, was also required so that we could pull pricing matrixes and push baskets through to their platform for completion of sales. 

soloprotect website screenshot
soloprotect website screenshot

Establishing how best to place and display their solutions for different markets

We worked closely with the Marketing department to establish how best to place and display their solutions for different markets. Prospective customers needed to quickly understand which package suited them so that they could follow the right route; either to get pricing or contact the team for bulk purchase options. 

We created simple pathways to information on the website with comprehensive landing pages and feature comparisons to help aid decision-making. The website needed to be as self-serve as possible and maximise opportunities for lead generation.

soloprotect website screenshot
soloprotect website screenshot

Bespoke marketing tool with seamlessly integrated lead generation 

SoloProtect now have a bespoke marketing tool that enables them to quickly and effortlessly manage their messages across the world.

Lead generation is now seamlessly integrated into their Salesforce and Act-On platforms.

Once the site was created for the UK market, it was cloned for their other EU territories and is expected to be rolled out to their other international sites in the future. These sites are all geotargeted to aid relevant search engine results to their target markets.

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