Your mobile site will drive your google rankings

It’s not long since Google ensured that in order for your website to be in the top rankings, your website had to be mobile friendly. This is now taken a step further with Google ranking your mobile sites first for search engine results. Therefore it is vital that your mobile site contains exactly the same as that of your website.

The impact of this change for manufacturers and exporters is far reaching. Engineering and Manufacturing companies have so far ignored the requirement to re-develop their website to be mobile friendly it should now be top priority. Previously focussing on SEO for your website will move you up the google rankings, moving forward it will be based on your mobile site.

Many Engineering and Manufacturing companies in our region are now looking to protect their search engine presence AND futureproof their website by re-developing their web presence using Responsive Web Design (RWD) techniques.

Arkom creative technology specialise in developing international web sites for Engineering and Manufacturing companies. If you have an existing website, ask about our mobile friendly re-skin service.