We speak to all our client's about domains and many have the same issue, regardless of the company size or set up, the comment we hear most is. "We're unsure who looks after the domain"

Very often domains are registered on behalf of a company by the web company who designed their site or by the IT company who look after all their hardware requirements. On most occasions this is done correctly and if the domain needs to be altered access can be gained.

The other scenario is that the domain was registered by an employee within the company who has now left and all records of the registration have gone with him/her.

We strongly suggest that your company has control of all domains that you own and they are kept in an online account such as 123reg or freeparking. This ensures that you have control over your assets at virtually no expense. This also allows you to purchase any number of other domains and simply web forward them to show your website. This tactic is great for buying addresses that;

  • You may use in the future but don't want to develop yet
  • Want to keep out of competitors hands
  • Use to break into a new country or market
  • Use in other forms of marketing eg, print

Your domain is also where all your SEO rating gets built up, all you hard work is stored within it and that 'rating' moves with the domain, not the website or server! It's more than just an address for your website and needs looking after.