Reading what John Simcock had to say about agile working really made sense to us here in the office. We use a commercialised version of our Charity CRM software, Ribbon CRM, to ensure an efficient and cost effective working culture.

Using a CRM system is sort of like having everyone sat at the same computer, even if that person isn’t in the office. There’s no working in silos and if anybody asks for a client’s number, project details or how many people are signed on to an event you’ll hear a chorus of “It’ll be on the CRM!”

Agile working can only exist with the right culture and the right tools and we try to ensure this at every step of the project. We’ve worked with charities who have purchased an off the shelf CRM and found that it doesn’t work for them because it’s not flexible and can’t change and grow with their organisation. This has then left them needing to purchase a different CRM system or to use other software that can’t integrate with their current CRM. That’s not the point of a CRM, or at least it’s not for us. If you’re buying a product that’s aiming to integrate all your working processes so you can streamline, cut costs and improve income you shouldn’t then have to start using other systems that don’t support this.

It’s always difficult for us to write an all-inclusive piece on how our CRM software can help charities because the system we provide is built according to what each individual charity needs and wants. We definitely think that a flexible system is the best solution to ensuring agile working in any workplace.

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