Why Open Source Content Management Systems are vulnerable to hacking

One of the biggest decisions any company will make about their website is which technology platform to use. While most decisions are made around design and content, Content and design are very important, but not as important as the security of the platform your website is built on. What’s the worst that can happen? Well if your website security is breached, your website could be defaced, content modified to something not in keeping with your brand image, or simply taken off line.

Security is therefore critical to the success of your website.

Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS)
Open Source software developers publish the underlying (source) code for their CMS. This is so that other developers can contribute to the improvement of the CMS which is then published in full, including the new underlying code.

The problem with this approach is that it is relatively easy to hack or break into a CMS if you have access to the underlying code because you can see how it works and it’s much easier to identify vulnerabilities. This makes open source CMS systems much more of a security risk*.

While the providers of Open Source Content Management regularly update their software to close security loopholes, only new websites are able to take advantage of the more secure software. Why? Once a website is built, any updates to the underlying software will usually require a partial re-build. With software updates coming every month, this quickly becomes an un-sustainable maintenance problem.

Licensed Content Management Systems (CMS)
Arkom creative technology follows the Licensed Software route. Our solution Framework is a licensed product and access to the underlying code is tightly controlled. This makes it much less vulnerable to hacking and therefore more secure. If your website is a critical part of your business then the extra cost of a licensed solution is well worth the investment.

*sophos - how to avoid being one of the 73 of wordpress sites vulnerable to attack