What is an All-In-One Membership System and what are the benefits?

What is an All-In-One Membership system?

An All-In-One system for membership organisations usually includes these three integrated platforms:

  • Member Database - CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system
    • 360 views of Member Profiles
    • Strong reporting tools
    • Flexible charts and graphs to measure member engagement
  • Website
    • User-friendly publicly visible content
    • Easily editable by Umbraco CMS
    • Flexible page layout options
  • Self-Serve Member Portal
    • Simple sign-up process with flexible payment options for members
    • Members can manage their own details and membership
    • Automatic membership renewals
    • Ability to personalise content based on membership package, role, and interests
    • Gated member only resources

Membership system

What are the benefits of an All-In-One Membership system?

Single source of truth for your member data

Having a single, organised, cloud-based system for all your member data is the highest priority when it comes to the success of a membership organisation.

A single system enables you to follow the member through the whole onboarding process. All sign-ups are handled and passed from the website and stored in the CRM automatically.

Being able to instantly access an up-to-date view of a member; their details, payments, communication preferences and activity is vital to provide ongoing value to your members and grow your organisation.

With an All-In-One system, any changes to member information, whether it’s been made via the CRM or Portal, are automatically updated on every view. For example, members can change their contact information via the easy-to-use online login which automatically syncs to the CRM database, keeping all details up to date, 24/7.

Any emails that are sent to members via the system are kept a log of against each member so you can see a history of what has been sent and ensure communication is clear and cohesive. Comms can then be surfaced on the Portal as notifications or sent via email, whichever is most suited to the task.


Improved User Journey

Users can find it very frustrating having to switch between different systems and remember multiple passwords. With an all-in-one system, that’s all taken care of.

Potential members benefit from having a user-friendly onboarding experience which seamlessly transitions them between the website (where they find out about the membership organisation and choose which membership package is suited to their needs) and the portal (where they can sign up, pay for their membership, manage their membership application).

Once they’re onboard, members use this same Portal Account to manage their account, contact details, access member-only resources and any other member benefits that might be included in their package and user level; making the whole online membership experience as easy and convenient to access as possible.


Less time doing admin, more time delivering services

Since all your data is kept up to date with an All-In-One system, flexible reporting tools allow you to quickly run reports and view them as simple graphs/charts. Making certain tasks, which were once a major headache, a painless process.

There’s no rekeying of data because of the seamless integrations between Website, CRM and Portal. This in turn frees up admin time, reduces data errors and makes everyone’s life a whole lot easier. 


Tasks can be automated

Since the elements are integrated together, they all talk to each other, so the system can run with minimal intervention from the admin team.

There are always certain functions in every membership organisation that need to be “humanised”. In other words, will need someone to physically action something, but a major benefit of an All-In-One solution is that a lot of tasks can be automated. These automations can be configured dependent on your internal processes and what is most suited to how you run.

For instance, rather than having to manually chase members for renewal payments, the system sends out automatic reminders on the run up to the renewal date. What these reminders say, and when they’re sent out, can be tweaked to suit your organisation; giving you the utmost flexibility and make your renewals as stress-free as possible.


A single supplier

Another major strength of an all-in-one system is that you only have one person to contact should you have any questions.

Whether it’s a query on how to do something or even if something’s not working quite as you expect. Be safe in the knowledge that there will be no finger pointing between suppliers. A single point of contact means any queries or problems can be answered quickly and efficiently.

We have strong relationships with the people we create systems for and we’re always just a call or email away. We gain a deep understanding of each membership organisation we work with and bring new ideas to the table which help you grow and improve your membership offering.


In short

An all-in-one membership system has many benefits, some which may be more obvious than others. A main factor to consider is making sure the online user journey is as easy as possible for both potential and existing members, reducing barriers to sign up and increasing your member value proposition.

It’s also important that your internal team feel confident knowing they will be supported behind the scenes; that they have a stable and efficient system that supports growth and makes their use of time as efficient as possible.

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