What Does Good CRM Software Look Like?

Hearing from charities, not-for-profits (NfP) and social enterprises that they have purchased a CRM and then found that it doesn’t meet all their needs or that they have had to have extra training on how to use it baffles us.When we start working with a charity/ NfP/ social enterprise we implement several steps before any kind of agreement is made. We ask what processes they’re using now and what they’d like to be able to do so that we can a get full picture of what they will need in a CRM. Ribbon CRM is customised to what charities need to ensure that every aspect of what they need is at their fingertips.

One of the selling points of Ribbon CRM is that it is built around Microsoft software and so is very recognisable by most right from the get go and intuitive to use.

We don’t want charities/ NfPs/ social enterprises to buy our product only to find that they can’t use it. We’re in the business of assisting charities to grow and achieve their charitable aims, not to hinder them.  A charity/ NfP/ social enterprise may develop in such a way that they need to start doing something differently or for the first time. One of the great things about Ribbon CRM is that it’s customisable so we can add processes to it if need be so charities/ NfPs/ social enterprises don’t have to go looking for other software (that may not integrate with their current CRM) to fulfil their new need - it grows as they grow.

Ribbon CRM for charities/ NfPs/ social enterprisesis a flexible and powerful solution that offers:


  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Efficient and accurate workflows
  • Mobile access
  • Email integration
  • Simple third-party integration
  • and more.

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