They turned to Arkom to develop a site that represented the company they had become and that would have the capacity to support their continuing development.

Demand for Roy Hatfield’s corporate recycling service was at an all time high as more and more companies realised the sound environmental benefits of recycling their industrial waste.

As well as processing a diverse range of Gypsum waste types, Roy Hatfield can also handle Silica and Iron Rich waste products and countless other specialist materials. As Operations Manager, Mark Hatfield remarked, their new site had to fully reflect their constantly evolving service portfolio: -

“As the demands of our business are always changing, we needed something that could easily adapt to the new and emerging technologies we have at our disposal. Arkom provided us with the solution in the form of a great looking site that has the flexibility to be independently updated internally. Clients have responded exceptionally well to our new site and, in addition, we are receiving 5 new sales enquiries a day as a direct result of the website.”

Integral to the bespoke site are powerful Search Engine Optimisation techniques, which ensure Roy Hatfield Ltd’s site features prominently in the results of any relevant website search.

Intelligent Recycling represents only one part of the Roy Hatfield Business. They are also one of the biggest names in Concrete Colouring Products. Arkom also created a site for that specialist area of the business, which runs in tandem with the Recycling site.

Roy Hatfield Ltd has been providing cost effective and environmentally sound solutions for bulk wastes produced in industry since 1972. They currently process 150,000 tonnes of industrial waste on their six-acre site in Rotherham, and throughput is set to increase two fold over the next six months.

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