Website and portal integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Companies are able to increase service levels while reducing costs at the same time, it’s a disruptive technology capable of delivering a significant competitive edge in almost any marketplace.

Increase service offering

We are working with a manufacturing company to allow customers to order fairly complex products online as a part of their drive to provide higher levels of customer service. In a competitive field, this is seen as a significant edge over close competitors, being the difference between winning new and retaining existing customers.

Customers appreciate the always available portal where they can check on orders and place last minute orders whether while sitting at their desk or out and about thanks to the mobile compatibility of the system

Reduced costs improved efficiency

Not all customer interaction should or can be carried out online. But having customers self-serve a significant proportion of transactions means customers are effectively creating sales orders themselves, which reduces the administration overhead.

With customers entering orders themselves means you do not need to re-key data into your sales system, eliminating errors and reducing the number of steps required from enquiry to order.
Portals systems can have error checking and guided process built to ensure customers provide the right information in the right format which can completely eliminate order queries.

Where customers are flagged as being pro-forma, full payment is taken via credit card before the order is processed, this reduces admin and internal communications required with difficult customers.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration

We have developed several systems which integrate into Microsoft Dynamics NAV including ordering systems, product specifies, eCommerce systems for business to business and retail. For more details on the solutions we have developed, please feel free to give us a call.