Unmasking our Content Marketing strategy for 2019

Behind the Scenes of our 2019 Content Marketing Strategy (Read time: 3 mins)

This year at Arkom, we’re doing something a bit special.

In this new blog, we’re going to peek behind the curtain of our 2019 marketing drive to show you how we’re constructing, communicating & delivering our message. We’ll review how it’s going and what we learn as we go.

Traditionally companies have this weird, hush-hush façade-y approach to their marketing. You see the message that’s prepared and approved for you to see, but you don’t often know how or why you were targeted, or the people or processes that went into its creation.

That’s an approach that I don’t fully understand, unless there’s something to hide from the end user. Today’s end users are savvy, and they can see through glossy marketing. Trying to hide your true intentions just ends up making you look foolish. Being up front and down-to-earth is the solution.

We’re going to transparently document everything that we do towards constructing our message, to demonstrate to you that there is nothing to hide when you do marketing correctly and ethically.

It helps you out because you’ll get ideas and see in practice how certain strategies work (or fail). It helps us out because of the feedback and increased awareness of how we can help people. Even the fact that you’re reading this right now is good for us. It’s like some weird marketing inception...you’re already part of the process.

The Starting Point of Strategy

Recently we’ve been helping a lot of membership groups and we’ve realised how good our results are for them. In 2019, our main aim for our marketing is “targeting” membership groups to promote our services too.

A lot of people are cynical about marketing “targeting” people – but it makes sense when you break down the process of arriving at a target market.

Our company is founded based on experience, skills and existing contacts of people we know we can help. (See our awesome timeline by Molly, our design expert)

We establish ourselves and, having successfully helped businesses, we get introduced to other people from them.

The more people we help, the more referrals we get.

The more referrals we get, the wider the range of businesses we start to help.

When we analyse what people are saying and results we get, coupled with changes in technology and our own knowledge of what’s possible, we can begin to identify the types of business we can help the most.

If we can help those people, but they don’t know we exist, there’s a gap that needs bridging. And that’s where the target marketing comes in. If it didn’t, there would be people who needed help who aren’t able to find it.

If we create content and communicate in general terms, trying to talk to all businesses and industries at once, we can’t be specific on how we can help someone. People are unlikely to pay attention and we’re dead in the water before we’ve even set sail.

“Targeting” our market isn’t preying on some unwitting market with psychological tricks to make them think they need what we sell.

Targeting your market is making sure that the people who need your help know you exist when they need you.

It’s making sure they understand that there’s a solution to the problems they face.

It’s making sure they trust you before they commit to working with you.

Make sure you stay tuned; the next blog will be hitting the virtual slopes next week.

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