What Kate has to say:

My hobbies and interests include writing fiction, pretty much anything to do with animals, gaming, and walking (short walks mind) among a lot of passing interests here and there.

As part of my everyday tasks at Arkom I get to research charities and find out what causes there are in the local area. It’s amazing to see the amount of good people are trying to do for others and their community. I especially like researching the animal charities and definitely don’t spend any time looking at the animals they have for adoption during work hours…

When I came for my interview I could tell there was a nice, relaxed atmosphere in the office and I went away really wanting the job so when I got it I was well chuffed! Luckily I was right and the atmosphere is really friendly and relaxed and I felt at home on the first day.

We’re having a free event on the 16th September for charities and non-for-profits and I’m looking forward to meeting some of the charities I’ve read about and seeing Alan do his thing “on stage”.

Thanks Kate and nice plug for the event!