The 6 Key Ingredients to your Success

Below are the key ingredients to success for all companies and organisations small or large, charity, not-for-profit or social enterprise:

1. Consolidate your data 
Take those spreadsheets and post-it notes down off the wall and get it in one place. We can migrate your data into Ribbon CRM making it easy to find important details, keep track of staff, manage funds and save on admin time. You can even use your old data to look at historical trends.

2. Segment your data
Everybody is different with different tastes and this impacts what they give their attention to. If you can figure out why people support your cause and how they’d like to do that i.e. running, volunteering, their own bake off, you’re well on your way to building a meaningful relationship with them. You can also use this information to tailor marketing to potential new supporters who are more likely to be interested in what you’ve got say.

3. Build relationships
Once you know why people support you and how they want to do it you can use that information to send your supporters relevant options to helping your organisation. You can also focus donor attainment efforts on people who are more likely to be interested in supporting your cause.

Make your supporters feel valued and build genuine and lasting relationships with them. Retaining donors means loyal donors who are more likely to spread your message and get others on board.

4. Measure social impact
With Ribbon CRM you will build historical data. This will enable you to show a growth of social impact should, you receive funding to enable you to break this down for any funding bid. In addition measure the actual social impact against the criteria of the funder for full easy reporting. Giving you the potential to be ahead of the competition.

5. Manage your budget
Money is the sugar in your cake, you may have all the other ingredients but without the sugar it’s not a cake and it doesn’t serve its purpose. Ribbon CRM can integrate your accounts so you can see money to hand, projected income, and make better informed decisions on spending.

6. Flexibility
Ribbon CRM is not an off the shelf product because we recognise that each charity is different with different requirements for a CRM. It offers the option of starting with a basic set up and then building on it as you use it.

Have you got all the ingredients to make your organisation a success?

If you want to talk through any further please don't hesitate to contact Rachel Nunn, Charity Consultant 07496 229262,

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