Target your best customers
Who are your best customers? Would you like more of them? Consider this: If your website talked their language, identified their biggest challenges AND indicated that you have expertise/ products/ services that solved these challenges you would instantly gain rapport with them. They will be open and listen to what you have to say.

This involves being very specific with what you say; being specific means what you say will resonate with some people and turn other people off. Resist the temptation to generalise. Try to say something to somebody rather than nothing to everybody, the former will get better response than the latter.

Try this: Get your best sales person, ask then to talk to you as though you are their best prospective customer, record it, write it down, this is what you need to say on your website.

The best way to illustrate this is have a look at our new home page copy, see how targeted it is? You may have noticed the next two parts to this simple strategy …..

A guarantee
What can you promise that you already deliver?
Some dentists will replace a broken crown or filling up to a year after it is fitted free of charge but don’t actually tell prospective patients! When we create a website for our Clients they are (99 times out of 100) delighted with the results – so we promise that they will be delighted.

The purpose of the guarantee puts peoples mind at rest and makes it much more likely to deal with you.

Great Offers
Can you give something to a new customer that has high perceived value to your prospective customers but low actual cost to you? Can you limit the offer in some way?

Put it on your website to generate extra sales enquiries.

Putting it all together
The cost of doing this little exercise is very low, just some of your time to do the research then a little time updating your website with the words and pictures. The rewards should be huge.

If the number of high quality enquiries does not double, I will be very surprised. Measure the before and after results and let me know how you get on, I always like to hear good news and where something does not work I like to know why!

Do the whole exercise again
You can (in fact you should) repeat this exercise for different customer groups of your high grade customers. Have a specific web page for each different group with different words, offers and guarantees, or create a microsite dedicated to each group of customers.

I hope you’ve taken time to scan through this article, and more importantly you’re able to get your website moving in the right direction.

Meanwhile, Happy Hunting!