After listening to our clients the majority are busy with the day to day requirements of their job role and find it hard to take a strategic view on how their website and online presence is performing. All may be working fine day to day but being prepared for the opportunities or changes the next few months will be bring is vital.

If time is the limiting factor then we can fulfil this function on your behalf ideally through the customer care program. If the program doesn't fit your requirements then you should consider one of the other services we offer.

Customer Care Program - £POA
Focused on your ensuring your website meets the targets you have set.
The program is flexible to match your requirements and needs whilst also delivering peace of mind with a full warranty and proactive updates.
A must for a company that value their website

Proactive Update – From £99pcm
Created to provide the regular content a website needs especially after Google’s Panda update in February 2011. Provides you with a fully optimised monthly article posted on your site and social media outlet.
Perfect for those who value their website but cannot afford the time to  create the content.

Keyword Research – Set up £150 then £99 per quarter
How good are the keywords/phrases you have focused your site optimisation on? Are they delivering the traffic or enquiries you expected? Allow us to research and suggest a set to target then crucially, track and monitor the performance.
A great service for those who need more traffic via their website.

Copy Optimisation – £POA
Once you are happy with your chosen keywords/phrases either optimise this content or create new search engine friendly content.
A must for any poor performing website

Board Report - £99 per quarter
Analyses your website performance every quarter and produces an easy to digest 8 page report perfect for reporting to board or committee level.
Impress your superiors with little effort!

To find out more or order your service(s) then call Ben on 0844 375 0742