Websites have become a permanent feature for every company since they first appeared on the marketeers radar in 1995. Search engines, helping surfers find relevant web content, have been around even longer; Yahoo Launched in 1994, that’s 20 years ago!

While websites have become more and more sophisticated and internet has exploded to around 1.57 billon pages, the understanding of how search engines help potential customers find your website is still seen as a black art.

In this series of two workshops, you will discover how the experts plan and execute an effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign.

Why attend the workshops?

Companies spend thousands of pounds every year on outsourced website optimisation; it’s more effective and cheaper in the long run to up-skill someone in-house than to outsource.

Two workshops

Workshop 1 of 2: Developing an effective SEO strategy click here to find out more ...

Workshop 2 of 2: Executing and measuring the success of your SEO strategy click here to find out more ...