In today’s modern world we don’t see people reacting in the same way but we still find people who "distrust the innovations of the modern world" – most notably when it comes to computer technology and websites. Here at Arkom we are determined to change this through information and the sharing of our wealth of knowledge. For example, did you know that making changes to your website is child’s play?

Yes it’s true; believe it or not, it really couldn’t be easier than your ABC's or a Hop, Skip and Jump for you to manage your own website. As web-based technology experts, we at Arkom have perfected the technology which means you no longer have to rely upon "experts" to carry out the changes to your site - that any child could do.

Arkom believe that anyone can manage their own web material through the use of a good Content Management System, one which understands your needs and can deliver your requirements.

Arkom believes that rather than abandoning web technology and leaving this to the "experts", businesses should embrace it and reap the benefits that this can bring.

Arkom believes that sharing knowledge and encouraging businesses to learn about Content Management Systems (CMS) is the way forward to put you in control of your own web presence. CMS works with one person assigned to inputting and writing copy, whilst another acts as website administrator, giving the final sign off, prior to text going online. The look and identity of the site remains intact throughout, as all changes are automatically converted into the correct style and font of the site.

Arkom’s Content Management System

  • Puts you firmly in control
  • No more escalating costs
  • No reliance upon "experts"
  • Streamlines modifying your website
  • Copy & images can be changed
  • An immediate effect