One example of technology helping this change is the QR code which bridges the gap between hard copy/physical marketing and your online presence. They are read by a smart phone which then takes the user directly to the online page set within the code. 

QR codes aren’t new but they have only recently become widely used by marketers in the UK.  Japan is the biggest user and creator of the QR code and in nearby South Korea Homeplus (Korea’s version of Tesco) are using QR codes in an inventive and clever way. They have created virtual stores within subway stations which allow consumers to shop on their way home but without the need to staff or stock the store! American giants Sears and Kmart have followed suit creating virtual stores wherever they can hang a poster showing their range of toys  In the UK, John Lewis (who Arkom continue to see as an online market leader) have attributed a growth in online sales to using the codes including on their TV ads

So, Should you be using them? I think yes.
They aren’t a quick fix answer and the technology could be better as there is no single reader being used and the mobile device manufacturers aren’t installing the readers as standard meaning the user has to pro-actively download the software but the advantages are obvious. They drive traffic directly to the pages on your site that sell your company and they also act as a link between your off-line and on-line marketing.

It is easier to utilise them when you have products rather than services to market but I’ve seen service providers use them on exhibition stands, brochures and even business cards. Closer to home you can see them in Meadowhall advertising current jobs vacancies!

If you feel you should be utilising QR codes and want more information on them then get in touch

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