Problems with using an Excel spreadsheet as a member database and what to use instead

The most common problems our customers experience using an Excel spreadsheet as a database:

  • Your data isn't very secure
  • Difficulty editing and sharing data with colleagues
  • Same data stored in several places so troublesome to keep things updated

Your data isn't very secure on an Excel spreadsheet

I’m sure you’ve experienced losing data or have had a very near miss whilst using a spreadsheet to manage your members. It only takes one slip of the finger to delete or move data and what’s worse, you may not even notice.

I’m sure you’ve password protected your spreadsheet to comply with GDPR laws however, if there are multiple users that use the same password; there’s a much higher chance that the password could fall into the wrong hands.

Also, if you’re the only person with access you’re left with sole responsibility, which isn’t always efficient if you’re away on your holidays and something urgent pops up. It also goes without saying that if your spreadsheet does end up falling into the wrong hands you could be left with a data breach and all the issues that follow! This can be so easily avoided.

Difficulty sharing and editing data with offline Excel spreadsheets

If only you and your colleagues could edit your spreadsheet at the same time.

Example – You and your colleague are both on the phone at the same time to different members. One member wants to update their address and the other wants to book on to an event. One of you is going to have to put a member on hold or take notes with a view to edit the details later on. This leaves room for error and doesn’t look very professional.

Solution - You both log in and edit the details at the same time.

That would save you a headache wouldn’t it… All you need is an internet connection and our solution.

Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

Same data stored in several places

If you ever have to update multiple systems with the same data and find yourself questioning why you’re unnecessarily multiplying the workload, you’re not alone. Spreadsheets aren’t easily linked to other systems which makes some processes very manual and can soon soak up your time.

So what's the solution?

You need to upgrade your spreadsheet to a real database on the cloud. A database that will overcome these problems to create a more secure, flexible and robust system to manage your members.

The result?

You’ll be surprised at the amount of free time you now have available, to focus on the more important tasks that enable you to add value to your members and aid membership growth.

Oh and those headaches will soon be a distant memory!

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