Part 6: Project: Chamber - Suspect: Alan Easter


Alan Easter, Managing Director



Arkom Creative Technology was Alan’s brainchild. He started the organisation in 1993 and still runs the show 26 years later. Does a good job of keeping his hands clean - consulting, advising, organising… getting the team to execute strategies?


Motive & Method:

Al’s been masterminding projects for years, “fixing problems”, “making things run smoothly” and “taking care of business” for other companies. Prior business with Project:Chamber included work on their CRM and that has Al’s fingerprints all over it. If there’s a link between the CRM and the Website, that could be the evidence we need to officially implicate Al in the project.


Transcript of the interview:

Quinn: Good afternoon Al, I just wanted to talk to you about the Sheffield Chamber project.

Al: Okay, brilliant project. I think the entire team smashed it.

Quinn: Wait…you’re going on record with that statement? It was smashed, by everyone?

Al: Absolutely, every last one of the team pulled together getting this done.

Quinn: Well, this is an absolute revelation, I’ve been trying to get a statement like that all day.

Al: And I appreciate your contribution too.

Quinn: Sorry, what?

Al: Well, you helped with the tender presentations and proposals. I won’t have it said you didn’t have a hand in this.

Quinn: Strike that from the record! No one can prove anything.

Al: How’s the case study coming along anyway? This project’s a great example of what we can do.

Quinn: Case study…yes, that’s what I’ve been working on this entire time. Working the case…study.

**Case Closed Due to Lack of Evidence**


Reported by JP Quinn

View Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Case Study