Part 5: Project: Chamber - Suspect: Joe Rooker


Joe Rooker, 1st Line Support



Joe joined in 2018 for his “specific set of skills” with CRMs. Recently when talking on the phone to a client, he was overheard saying “I will find it, and I will inactivate it.” Of course, he might have been talking about a duplicate record from a CRM, but we can only speculate at this stage.


Motive & Method:

As a CRM specialist, Joe can literally delete people. I mean, it’s only digital records…but in today’s world, aren’t we all just physical embodiments of digital records? (Note to self, ease off the coffee.)
His ability to tie CRMs in with websites is enough to tie Joe to this investigation. The CRM has been in the background of this whole case too.


Transcript of the interview:

Quinn: Tell me what you’ve been doing to this Website. Is it linked to the CRM?

Joe: Well, that’s what I’ve been doing, linking it together.

Quinn: I knew it! I knew it was linked.

Joe: Yep. It is. Because I’ve linked it now. Built the SSIS packages with Garry to allow the website and the CRM to integrate.

Quinn: Don’t try and baffle me with technical talk, Joe.

Joe: Well that just means that if someone updates their details on the Sheffield Chamber website, the changes will automatically sync to the CRM without a member of their team having to do anything. It reduces all their admin work.

Quinn: Oh. That doesn’t seem deadly. Seems pretty useful if anything.

Joe: Yeah, it’ll free them up a lot of time. I’ve also been making new entities that link to the Sheffield Chamber website for new features and different fields it has now, so bringing it all up to speed really.

Quinn: You know what Joe? I believe you. You’re alright in my books.


Reported by JP Quinn

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