Part 3: Project: Chamber - Suspect: Molly Willis


Molly Willis, Senior Designer


Molly Willis, Senior Designer. Always friendly, full of enthusiasm and goes the extra mile for everyone. Naturally, she’s another prime suspect. Never trust anyone with a perfect record.


Motive & Method:

Molly’s got a reputation for mind-blowing website design. Now I only did GCSE level biology, but I’m pretty sure if your mind gets blown, you die.

Though her design is, at this time, being treated as a deadly weapon; during the post-mortem of the website its design was described as “nailed”.

So at present, the mind-blowing design isn’t sufficient evidence to convict.


Transcript of the interview:

Quinn: Molly, witness accounts say you were there on the day of the tender presentation, and you’ve been seen pretty much every day in the Arkom office since. What’s your involvement? You’re up to your neck in it, aren’t you?

Molly: Yeah…I’ve been doing all the design work and overseeing the user journey. I’ve also been working on quality assurance with our team here to make sure the functionality of the site is watertight – stress testing, trying to creatively “break” the site so all the kinks are ironed out before it goes live.

Quinn: Wait, you’ve been trying to break it this entire time?

Molly: Well, yeah…that’s part of the job. Every step of the way, every time a new development is added, we test it to make sure it works. That’s how we’re confident the whole thing works at the end.

Quinn: It’s a helpless website Mol, you should be trying to protect it!

Molly: It is protected. All our websites are closed source code and we always set our users up with SSL certificates to give it proper security. Are you okay, Quinn? You seem a little off.

**End transcript**

I didn’t want to blow my cover, and this broad was beginning to ask awkward questions.


Reported by JP Quinn

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