Part 2: Project: Chamber - Suspect: Garry Hasman


Garry Hasman, Technical Director



Garry a.k.a “Gaz” joined the Arkom crew in 2002 as a Junior Internet Developer and quickly rose through the ranks to Technical Director. He keeps a close eye on operations; even if he isn’t responsible, he’d have a good idea of who was.


Motive & Method:

Traditionally operates in the shadows, writing in code. A full-stack developer, he can make a website do whatever he wants. There’s no question of the power of this weapon in the wrong hands…the only question is, are Garry’s hands the right hands? We know for sure at least one of Gaz’s hands is right. But the other one…who knows?


Transcript of the interview:

Quinn: So Gaz, if that is in fact your real name, would you say you killed the Sheffield Chamber project?

Garry: It’s more accurate to say it’s nearly killed me! It’s been a good project, but at times challenging. There are a lot of moving parts which all need to fit together – membership levels, event tickets, payment gateways and CRM integrations. But we cracked it in the end!

Quinn: Interesting. The hard way it is. Go on then Garry, what exactly did you do to the website?

Garry: Well, other than the actual coding, the big thing with complex websites is the problem solving. A lot of the time goes into it. Something that looks simple on the surface can require complex ordering or commands.

Like the news feed on this website - For news and events to be on the same page. Seems simple, “we want all our events and news to show up on one feed”

Right, but how do you order that chronologically when news is in the past and events are in the future? You’ve first gotta work out the logic of it and then you’ve got to apply that logic in code. Good design that just works is simple to use, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple to make.

Quinn: How did you order it then? Wait, you gave the order? This is like A Few Good Men level development.

Garry: Eh?

Quinn: A Few Good Men, it’s a film with Tom Cru-

Garry: I know what A Few Good Men is. What are you talking about? I thought you wanted to talk about the Sheffield Chamber Case Study. What’s th-is that a camera?

**End transcript**


Reported by JP Quinn

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