The solution combines content from the Prototyping and Product design elements of the business into a single website. The web strategy for AME Group includes concentrating all the content under one URL will increase the effectiveness of the SEO activity for both the design and prototyping sides of the Business.

The purpose of the new website was to showcase the design and prototyping capabilities of the group. The objectives for the project was to be very image led to support the product design aspects but allow for enough content pages to be focussed around a wide range of search terms for both product design and prototyping.

The Custom Content Management System (CCMS) is completely flexible in its implementation, this therefore allows a very bepoke design to be implemented without compromising either the design or functionality. One specialist function developed by the team at Arkom allows the website administrator full control over the home page Call to Action (CtA) ‘blocks’ The CCMS allows AME to directly change:

  • The image for each block, either square or rectangular
  • The order in which the blocks appear
  • The CtA text
  • The URL link which can direct visitors to any page in the website

Take a look at the home page here:

The launch of the new AME Group website is just the start of the project. Arkom have been chosen to develop the on-going web and SEO strategy for the AME Group. We are looking forward to saving AME a significant amount of money by adopting an organic SEO approach whist reducing the dependence on Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic.