The new WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) tool will be retro fitted into all websites that are on our customer care programme and used in all new Arkom jobs from today onwards!

The advantages are listed below and we thank all of you have consistently given us feedback on our product/service both good and bad. Without the information you give us we wouldn't be able to make improvements such as this one.

  • The editor will now automatically rip out any formatting allowing you to copy and paste from any source safe in the knowledge you cannot damage the site.
  • The ability to add headers within your body copy
  • The ability to indent your copy
  • The ability to have subscript, superscript and special characters within your copy

Obviously the formatting point is the biggest change and improvement but we are also excited about giving the user more options within the CMS without moving away from our principles of it being a content editor that works within structure/design agreed.