We never thought it would be this hard but after a long and arduous search we have found an image manipulation that is good enough to recommend to all our clients.

Our brief was to find a tool that was;

  • available online
  • free
  • worked without the need to download any software
  • was easy to use for cropping and resizing 

And we found Pixlr!

It's not got the user friendliness of Picnik but what does? It is easy to access and provides a simple tool for cropping and resizing and unlike the dozens of others we tried it doesn't require any software downloading, monthly subscription or degree in graphic arts to use!

The navigation elements aren't the best and when testing as a novice or low volume user we found it a bit complex to utilise. Due to this we have created a help doc to using Pixlr for cropping and resizing, see below!

We'd love to hear how good or bad you think it is so please let us know!