Do not skimp on your on-line marketing
The worse thing you can do is to do less. Look for savings, but do not do less marketing. Many of your competitors will cut back. This is a false economy but will play into your hands if you simply maintain what you are doing now.

Move more marketing on-line
Are you currently sending out monthly newsletters, product mail-shots, and pricelists though traditional post? Then move as much as you can to on-line. Even making your newsletter monthly on-line and quarterly by post will save heaps. Sending emails to a mass market is much simpler and cheaper to do that it has ever been. 

Generate more traffic
A little time spent optimising a few key web pages can reap rewards in vastly increased number of website visitors
. It’s a numbers game. If you get 10 sales leads a month, increasing your traffic by only 10% should lead to 11 sales leads a month. If you website has built-in SEO tools then you can do this yourself – its not difficult, if not then have a look on our website and find out if you can get them fitted to your website.

Turn more traffic into sales leads
Working with the existing visitors to your website – how can you increase the number of sales enquiries? This is two fold.

Firstly wording on your web pages: Make sure you write the copy with your customer in mind. They will be asking themselves “What’s in it for me?” you need to answer this on your web page.

Secondly look and feel of your website: If your visitors think they are in the right place and they think you can help then they will more likely pick the phone up there and then. This is achieved by how your website looks – how professional, efficient, helpful, appropriate to their needs. This is all conveyed visually, almost immediately and subconsciously. If your website needs a design makeover

Start an Email marketing Campaign
Do you have a list of prospective customers, existing customer, and lapsed customers? You can use this list almost immediately. Think about how you can compile such a list, for instance you can easily compile a list from your invoice system, who hasn’t bought from you for a while? If you don’t have their email address, simply call them and ask if you can send them some information by email. It does not take long to get a list of several hundred prospective customers, even better if they bought from you in the past. 

I hope you’ve taken time to scan through this article, and more importantly you’re able to get your website moving in the right direction.

Meanwhile, Happy Hunting!