Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now becoming the de facto CRM system for company’s who have already invested in Microsoft technology’s. This product puts all the customer centric activities of Sales, Marketing and Customer Services on one platform allowing companies to deliver a truly world class customer experience. With its seamless integration to Microsoft Office and third party application, activities from reaching out for new business through to sales and servicing can be managed and monitored in one place. This is a one day instructor lead course which aims to develop the understanding on how to use this products throughout an organisation.

Before attending this course, you must have:

• General understanding of Microsoft Windows
• General understanding of customer relationships

Learning objectives:
This course will focus on how to maximise your investment in Dynamics CRM using the experience on how other company’s successfully use it.

There are four main sections of this training which give an end to end process for a customer’s journey.

Sales – tracking and managing sales from initial leads all the way through qualifying opportunity’s to winning and closing deals.
Marketing – utilising the built in tools to reach out and obtain new business from your existing contacts and your competition.
Customer Services – as an average of 68% of customers will leave you because of service issues, this area will look at the CRM tools for effective customer retention and maintaining their loyalty.
Analytics – measuring how effective your marketing has been, who your best sales people are or your average case resolution times gives deep insight to your business. Effective measurement allows management and gives your customers the confidence to do more business with you.

• Anyone who is already using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and requires formal training on how to use this product utilising CRM best practice
• Users that require retraining on the fundamentals of Dynamics CRM.
• Anyone who is looking to adopt CRM Dynamics 2013 and requires training prior to product delivery

Course Outline:

Module 1 – CRM Best Practice – How to fully benefit from the product using examples of how others company’s use it.
Module 2 – Navigation and basics – Basic navigation and shortcuts through to managing contacts and organisations.
Module 3 – CRM sales process – Lead management all the way though qualification to winning deals and fulfilling orders.
• Module 4 – Marketing – Full campaign management and dealing with the responses. Analysing what works and what does not.
• Module 5 – Cases – Working with customer requests and issues and how to manage in a controlled environment.
• Module 6 – Outlook – How Outlook and CRM combine to work seamlessly work together.
• Module 7 – Mobile – With apps for iPad, Windows 8 and smartphones we will look at how to be fully mobile with our CRM.
• Module 8 – Reporting – How to extract and question the data to see how your business works.


• 9:30 – Start
• 9:30 – 11:00 – Session 1
• 11:00 – 15 min break.
• 11:15 – 12:15 - Session 2
• 12:15 – 12:30 – Morning Summary
• 12:30 –13:30 – Lunch
• 13:30 – 14:30 – Session 3
• 14:30 – 15 min break.
• 14:45 – 16:00 – Session 4
• 16:00 – Q & A


£395 per person plus vat - including lunch and parking.


Board Room

Aizelwoods Mill

Nursery Street


South Yorkshire

S3 8GG

Booking and further information:

Call Sally on 0845 375 0742 or book on direct through Eventbrite here