Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Training

Today Microsoft has released its top-line CRM system Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. Every new instance of Dynamics CRM that is requested will now have the CRM 2013 functions and user interface.

Anyone with an online instance of Microsoft Dynamics 2011 will be automatically transferred over to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 in the next coming months like it or not. The new version of Dynamics CRM has many positive user functions and layout design changes which define

Microsoft’s view of the static and mobile workforce. However, if you have not seen it before it can be bewildering as the user interface has undergone a complete change and that could come as a shock to anyone not prepared. It’s the same degree of change as when the dreaded Ribbon replaced the dropdown lists when Office 2007 was released, how many times could you not find what you used to be able to (and possibly still can’t)?

As well as the new user interface are the additional functions made available to assist sales, marketing, and customer services. Microsoft is also keen to promote the integration possibilities with mobile devices, Skype and Yammer.

Arkom is running Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 training and user familiarisation events which will be held in Sheffield. South Yorkshire.

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