Well I’m open to it at the moment as it does display information in a completely different manner and a new direc

This new format provided a flattened interface where navigation through stages can all be done from within one window. This gives a process flow from point to point which can be predefined to align with existing business processes. The display shows the current stage of the process so gives a guided user experience through sales and customer services.

What I have discovered however, is that you can easily turn it off and revert to the existing display format. This is useful if you have recently rolled out Dynamics to your organisation and want to upgrade without having to retrain everyone.

When upgrading to the latest version the new format is available to be made the default display. This display is just a set of new form entity’s which are controlled by the security rights. So if you upgrade and don’t like it you can just promote the old forms back to default via the security rights.

Cross Browser Functionality and Bing Mapping

The new roll up version has cross browser support including Safari on iPads which looks fantastic. There is also now support for Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera which all appear to work in the way they should.

The integration of Bing Mapping is also pretty useful for displaying the location of clients and organisations against their related records.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for Touch!

The next roll up version will see the release of the Windows 8 interface which I have had a sneak preview of; this has an emphasis on touch navigation.