The ACPRC operated three different databases; these were Membership database, website users database and the email mailing list database. Having three different databases meant that it was a difficult and time consuming task reconciling members in three different place.

The membership database was a simple Access database, so it was a long manual process reconciling membership payments and identifying lapsed members. Adding new members required a paper application form and manual entry into the membership database.

The ACPRC was not able to get support for all of their different databases from a single company, so they were pretty much on their own when things went wrong. When the ACPRC wanted to upgrade the systems, they had to find a new supplier each time.


The requirement of the project was to make the activities required in running the association more streamline and simpler for the committee, freeing up their time to devote to the things they should be doing.


Arkom created a new website for the ACPRC which integrated with an email marketing system and membership database. This eliminated duplication and management problems associated with having separated databases, everything is now managed from one central place.

The membership database integrated with the SmartDebit system which simplified membership payments and made it easy to identify lapsed members. The website incorporated a new member form, which pushed new member details straight into the membership database electronically.

The integrated email mailing system is able to target members based on their interests, which are more up-to-date since members are able to log in via the website and update their details directly in the membership database.


  • Better service to members based on up-to-date information
  • Committee time freed up to work on membership services rather than admin tasks
  • Saving approximately 10 working days per year due to streamlining and integration of processes
  • One company to call for support if something goes wrong
  • Cloud based solution so can be accessed from anywhere
  • High security solution for membership details provided by Microsoft