Whether you’re looking for your website to create more awareness of your business and its products and services, or simply to generate sales enquiries, it makes sense to review how well it’s doing. Why?

There are two ways of seeing this: What gets measured gets done or If you measure it you can control it

<h3>What to measure?</h3>

There are two main things to measure:

  • How many people are visiting your website? - Traffic
  • How many people contact you in response to that visit? — Conversion Rate

There are generally two questions you will then ask

  • How can I bring more relevant visitors? and
  • How can I increase my conversion rate?
  • How many people are visiting your website?

The best way to find out is to look at your online web stats page. If you don’t have one, ask your web company. If they don’t provide one, ask them to install the free one available here: http://www.google.com/analytics/

<h3>How can I bring more relevant visitors?</h3>

This is the easy and fun bit. Type one of your keyphrases into Google and see which page you are on. A page one listing means you are doing as well as you can. Page two is the most exciting, and means a little bit of SEO should get you to page one and approximately ten times the traffic for that keyphrase.

<h3>How can I increase conversion rate?</h3>

When people visit your website, there’ll be three questions you’ll need to answer for them, pretty much immediately:

<h3>Are they in the right place?</h3>

Can you provide them with the product or service they‘re looking for?
Should they trust you? The better you answer these questions, the higher you conversion rate will be. To increase your conversion rate you’ll need to look at the following:

  • Brand image (look and feel) - An awful looking website implies a poor service from your company.
  • Speed of pages loading - A slow website implies a slow service from your company.
  • Ease of navigation - A difficult to navigate website suggests you’ll also be difficult to deal with.

This is all they have to go on, they haven’t met you yet! I hope this short emailer has helped to highlight the importance of regular website reviews. Your website is often the first point of contact for potential new clients.

Meanwhile, Happy Hunting!

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