HTML5 is code that allowers developers to create and support such features as video rather than rely on third party software. Within the industry this is being received with much enthusiasm as it bring control and flexibility back to the developers. It will also enable more creative solutions for non web based applications, this is happening all around us and at an accelerated pace and as this excellent BBC articles states The web is progressing faster now than it has in a long time

The development in HTML5 may be bad news for Flash which has already been left out in the cold by many mobile platforms as well as suffering from an ongoing feud between parent company adobe and Apple There appears to be a niche for flash but it may be away from traditional web marketing!

At Arkom we have avoided using flash for primary areas of websites for a number of years and will continue to do so to ensure we are producing websites that can be viewed by the lowest common denominator. We have also started using some elements of HTML5 but like with all new technical developments we are also assessing it’s actual effectiveness before rolling out on a broad scale.

We agree with the BBC’s Ian hardy that the web is an exciting place to be right now!