Visit: and enter ‘lavender candles’. This is Google’s keyword suggestion tool. It will tell you how many people searched Google for ‘lavender candles’ in a given period. Repeat this with your top keyphrase.

How many people find your website from search engines?

Check your website stats. How many visitors in March 2010 used the keyphrase ‘lavender candles’ and clicked though to your site from Google? This figure is available though your website visitor monitoring stats. How many people clicked though to your website used your top keyphrase?

How many enquiries are you actually getting from search engines? -Enquiries from search engines will probably come from two places, your enquiry form and by telephone. Your enquiry form can capture the keyphrase used to find your site automatically, ask your web development company about how to set this up.
How many people who used your top keyphrase, actually contacted you?

How much business are you missing out from? - Taking the questions in order with some figures for the keyphrase ‘lavender candles’:

  • How many people are searching for ‘lavender candles’? - 1900 
  • How many people are clicking though to your website in response to a search for ‘lavender candles’? - 100
  • How many enquiries are you actually getting for lavender candles? - 7

Percentage of people searching and clicking though to your website - 5.3%, room for improvement of more than 18 times!

Percentage of people visiting your website and making an enquiry - 7%, room for improvement of more than 13 times!

The two BIG questions:

  • What are your figures for your top company keyphrase?
  • What other keyphrases could you target?

I hope that this helps to explain the importance of choosing the right keyphrases for your website.

Happy Hunting!

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