How CRM can help you in the Third Sector grow

Arkom work with the Third Sector every day.

The challenges facing the Third Sector has meant organisations are having to take a more business-like approach to managing relationships and the organisation.

Almost half of all charities in the of UK lack basic digital skills, according to Lloyd’s Bank UK Digital Business Index 2016, with organisations in the Third Sector ranking above small businesses in their need for better digital learning opportunities and access to technology.

This event is all about helping the Third Sector by:

  • Offering support to understand the positive impact technology can have on your charitable missions
  • Improve internal communications so all staff can make quicker and better decisions
  • Improve external communications to engage and retain sponsors, donors and volunteers
  • Gives a better understanding of who donates, how much they donate, when they donate and why they donate
  • Work more efficiently by automating repetitive tasks and procedures
  • Measure social impact across the whole organisation


If you would like any further information or to book on to this event then please contact us on 0114 282 3444.