“Help - I need to Grow” ...Don’t fear Rachel is here!

Rachel is speaking at the Third Sector Cafe on 20th July along with Andrew from Resolve IT.

The subject will be very interactive and will include:-

Help - I need to Grow” ...Don’t fear Rachel is here!

Rachel will be at the Third Sector Cafe talking through the issues she has come across within Charities, and the positive exciting changes that have then been made.

This includes:
- Transparency of relevant information
- Increase in donations
- Easy reporting – Social Impact Measurement
- Having oversight of your Organisation


“Help – IT’s broken!”

Andrew will talk through some of the common problems and emergencies he has seen across charities (who will remain nameless!), and will chat about how you can protect yourself (and your information) when the worst happens.

This will include:

- AAAAGGHHH - We have a virus
- The server is “down”
- Why can’t we send any e-mail?


If you would like any further information or to book on to this event then please contact us on 0114 282 3444.