This has just become even more vital due to Google's most recent update which again is aimed at rewarding sites which offer original and up to date content. This is inline with Google's mission statement.

The update, known within the industry as the panda or farmer update both penalise and reward in terms of current and new web sites. One thing they are clear on is that they are going to penalise sites that have very low content, poor quality content and copied/farmed content

To ensure you benefit from this update you need to keep your website updated, full of useful original content and avoid any duplicated copy whilst utilising social media marketing channels.

If you are not doing this regularly or struggling to find the time then let us do it for you with our SEO service. This will ensure that we are adding fresh, unique and optimised copy to your website and not only avoid penalty from Google but help promote the site up the rankings.

We will be contacting everyone individually to explain what this change could mean to your own business but please contact us for more information.