Get up and running with Ribbon CRM

If you have somebody running for your charity there are various ways you can help them out, potentially getting more donations and strengthening your relationship with this donor.

When somebody signs on to run for you, you can log their information into Ribbon CRM and use this to send them guidance, support and thanks. Set reminders to ask them how they're getting on and engage with them on a personal level. If you have several people running for you, integrating your mailing system with Ribbon CRM will make it easy to send multiple emails to several people. Under Events on Ribbon CRM, track how many people you have running for you and to tally the potential income you will receive from runners should their pledges deliver.

To help your runners out, use social media and your website to tell your other supporters that you have somebody running for you and where they can go to make a pledge. Use data from social media and your website to see who's clicked on the link to sponsor your runner and log this information into Ribbon CRM. This type of data gathering can enable you to build a picture of who is interested in what type of activities and how they are likely to support you i.e. with donations or volunteering. Segmenting your supporters then allows you to send relevant targeted marketing to the right people and further strengthen relationships with supporters.

After the run use Ribbon CRM to thank your runners AND those that supported them. All this data is stored within Ribbon CRM readily accessible for the next year so you can start marketing to an interested audience straight away.

Running isn't just the event itself, it's the hours, days and months of preparation taken leading up to the actual run. People may have invested in new gear, started a new diet or suffered a few twisted ankles....the point is that if they are investing all this in you, you should be investing in them.

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