Process Guided Forms.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 available from October 2013 we explore what to expect from this release.

The Polaris forms first seen in CRM 2011’s last roll up continue to have an influence over the sales and customer services processes. The main benefits of process driven forms are to allow users to see all the related information on one page without having to navigate several popups. The process of lead generation through opportunities and on to closing follows a pre-defined flow from a single page.

The navigation has been vastly improved with the activities and tasks displayed right in the middle of the account records. A user can now see the full activity history of an account including phone calls, email and tasks. Integration with Bing mapping displays the map location of your customer which is great when it’s your first trip there.

Following Microsoft acquiring Skype you would expect some sort of interactivity and this does not disappoint. Clicking on an account or contacts phone number opens up Skype for you to call them. Moreover, once you are making the call the CRM opens up a “call” dialogue box for you to record notes of the conversation. Once your finish, the call record and your notes are displayed in the activities for you or others to refer to at a later time.

If you want to see more of what Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 can offer, we are running a discovery session. This is aimed at either organisations who have Dynamics CRM 2011 and want to see what’s new or for those wanting to take the first steps into Dynamics CRM. The session will be held in Sheffield, South Yorkshire on the 20th November. You can book onto the session by following this link.