At a recent workshop run by SYITC aimed at helping local companies export, UK Export finance was discussed as a tool that companies could untilise to make exporting easier and safer. Only 10% of the audience had heard about this, hence this article!

UK export finance is a government department aimed at helping UK companies to have the confidence to export or create more commercially viable trading agreements for their customers. It would be unwise to say that they can help every company in any situation but the feedback we heard at the workshop was very favourable. You have to remember that any export from the UK will ultimately help our balance of payments so the department are keen to help.

The export finance website is full of information but I think the case studies section is especially useful as an introduction to how they operate.

Locally, both SYITC and SYITF will be able to give help and support on all international trade matters as well as other information regarding export finance options.