eCommerce integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Many are turning to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Unfortunately there is a limited number of off the shelf solutions that allow eCommerce into Dynamics NAV. Solutions available have limitations depending on the what is required in the implementation. Limitations can include solutions that are complex and difficult to implement, some are too rigid in functionality making it difficult to implement special functionality.

Where an integration solution is provided from a non-Microsoft provider, there can be compatibility/ version issues. When upgrading either end of the integration, it’s inevitable that the two systems at some time are going to become incompatible and the integration stops working.

Flexible solutions

We develop interfaces from Dynamics NAV to eCommerce systems that are custom to your needs. This means you can use the full range of powerful functionality available in Dynamics NAV though your eCommerce solutions.

Our solutions are developed on the Microsoft platform using Microsoft development tools so forward compatibility with Dynamics NAV is not an issue.

A custom solution is not limited in functionality, regardless of how your business works.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration

We have developed several systems which integrate into Microsoft Dynamics NAV including ordering systems, product specifies, eCommerce systems for business to business and retail. For more details on the solutions we have developed, please feel free to give us a call.