Anyone with an On-demand Dynamics CRM 2011 instance will have been sent an email titled “Update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall 13”. If you have not received this email check who has administration rights of your CRM 2011 on demand instance as the email will be sent to those accounts.

Microsoft are sending these emails to Dynamics CRM 2011 customers at a regular interval prior to and running up to the upgrade (don’t say that didn’t warn you). The latest emails now point the users towards the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 preview guide which is well worth a read.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM online Fall 13 brings with it a whole new list of features and capabilities.

  • Redesigned user interface
  • Process guided forms.
  • Mobile CRM apps for Tablets, iPads & smartphones.
  • Social interaction
  • Business rules

Microsoft is recommending that all CRM 2011 instances are tested prior to migration to Dynamics CRM online Fall 13. This is to ensure any entity customisations or bespoke developed code meets the required client and custom code requirements of the new version.

The Microsoft also recommends planning for internal user awareness and training for administrators of the systems.

Arkom are running Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online fall 2013 user awareness and consultation sessions in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Please contact us for more information.