However, one fundamental part of this process is often overlooked - evaluation - and it is this key area which could provide you with vital information about your customers and the effectiveness of your site.

A website is not a static tool, it should evolve as your organisation does. No-one expects the first attempt to be perfect, but without evaluation you will not know which parts are working and which aren’t. It is this essential evaluation that enables you to create the site that your customers and site users need.

There are several ways to effectively evaluate your site and the good news is these techniques needn’t be expensive. 

Work with your website designer to build evaluation techniques into the actual site and put regular website reviews into your diary. Also, set proper targets on what you want your website to achieve before you put together the site overview. These targets will enable you to measure how well the site is achieving your objectives.

If you host with Arkom we are able to offer you a comprehensive package of marketing information regarding visitors to your website. Detailed reports are made available to you detailing vital information such as: -

  • Which pages users visit
  • How long they stay
  • Which pages they do not visit
  • Which order pages are visited in
  • Which search engines bring you traffic

Although these come as standard with Arkom you should be able to request similar data from your own website host.

If you would like any further information on how the effectiveness of your website can be measured, call Arkom on 0114 282 3444 or click here to contact us.