Do I need training to manage a website?

A frequent oversight of having a website is the training needed to maintain it.

You could buy a McLaren F1 tomorrow, but if you haven’t learnt to drive, it's no use to you.

The same applies to websites. It's unlikely that you’ve been taught how to maintain a website in your life. Even if you start your own business, you self-teach (because, in the beginning, you want control of every aspect of your business).

General Website Training & Support

You need training & support to make the most of your website.

A worker may be only as good as their tools (if you don't have a McLaren, you'll have a hard time moving at 150mph), but the tools are also only as good as the worker using them.

A McLaren F1 in the hands of someone who can't drive is simply an expensive ornament. A website is just the same.

A common concern of customers coming to us for the first time is that their site isn’t ranking well on search engines.

The reason usually isn’t their website (though that’s often to blame for other things) - it’s that they don’t maintain their website properly. They don’t know how to upload videos/blogs, update their content or optimize their copy for SEO. They don’t know how to remove pages properly or put in redirects from deleted content.

Training for Bespoke websites

A website that’s been made specifically for you, which works in a unique way and performs specific functions (such as an ecommerce website) will need more training to use than a simple website.

It’s a bit like learning to drive a car, but then expecting to be able to drive a tractor. It’s similar, sure. But there’s extra levers and the gears work differently. You need the extra training before you can expect to drive the tractor as well as you can drive a car.

Arkom development team

Who better to learn from than the people who designed and built the tractor?

That’s why we offer training and support direct from the development team that build your website.

Not only are you getting a bespoke design, but you’re getting the unique training to teach you how to make the most of it.