Facebook and Play are constantly changing the way that we navigate their sites with the understanding being that it stops us getting bored with their product offering. But are they also doing this to ensure that we have a good luck round and don't miss some of the products/services/adverts that we normally could when we browse in a pre-set manner??

BBC have changed their layout and made the banner a vital part of the navigational process. Like usual I initially shuddered, the BBC is a regular source of information for me for work and I use the sport section daily to get my lunchtime fix!

However, last time they made such a change I had the same reaction but once you have looked at what they have done I think the change is logical

The banner navigation (which will appear above the page crease on just about all monitors) Offers you the chance to navigate directly to the weather, a feature, the top news story, the top sports story, tv & radio listings. By doing this I believe the BBC have tried to make it easier for the user to navigate. All your old nav options are available in a more discreet top nav and once past the homepage your usual BBC site returns.

Try it and see what you think, I'm a fan but only after I panicked!